it takes both...
the rain...
the sun...
to grow.
to unfold.
to become ripe.
to expose your truth.

Today, as I asked myself what I needed to be aware of the word ..TRUTH...came loud and clear to me. Now, listening to your own truth and leading yourself from the core of your heart can often be a difficult thing. I find myself, often times stumbling in these life lessons. But today, I am aware of the importance of MY TRUTH...How there must be some rain in life in order for me to appreciate the order for me to become ripe. For it is with these lessons that I expose more of my truth to myself. I continue and strive to reach the branches of my truth every day, and though some days are filled with rain, the lessons are there to learn if I listen to the song that the rain sings. Today, I am aware of TRUTH...and as I unfold today, I am grateful for both the rain and the sun.
Artfully Yours,

PS: Can you listen closely to the rain and the sun to find your truth for yourself today?


Goddess Diana said...

Dear Crone Goddess Pattie,

Yes, yes, yes - the CORE OF YOUR HEART.

"listen to the song that the rain sings" - what powerful words!!!

This is why you are a Crone - your wisdom and light are shining through - and providing the words and creativity that inspire me and so many other soul sharing this human experience.

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Goddess Diana

brenda bliss said...

my truth-i am having a tough time with this right now--shall i sing my truth--and let it help wash away my mud puddle---or stay in this cloud.......
brenda bliss