Heart Energy...

A light shines from my center...
it communicates my true emotions.
it allows my gratitude to be lifted..
my love to be exposed..
my growth to continue...
I connect with kindness, energy and love.

Today I am aware of a shining light that comes from the center of my heart..This light that allows me to connect with myself and expose myself to others. Today, I am aware of the depth of my gratitude that this light is shining for me...and for the strength of the growth that comes from it. So, as I reflect on this message today, I am instructed to take this moment and Thank all of you who enter here...those who make comments and share, and to those who simply take what they may need from these affirmations. I am aware that by giving words of thanks to you I am able to connect with the energy of my heart. THANK YOU!
Artfully Yours,

PS: PASS IT ON!! Who can you say thank you to today from the true depth of your hearts' energy with gratitude?


She Who Flies said...

I'm feeling grateful with you, and grateful to know you :-)

squarepegperson said...


I feel SO grateful to you - these affirmations are so heart-blessing! Connecting to that feeling really does open my heart up.