Flourishing Spirit

Do not withdraw....
allow yourself to rest and grow
listen to your silence...
allow yourself to be well
to heal and to grow....
your spirit will flourish...
let your peace blossom...

Today I am aware of the feelings of withdrawing from my world....It puts me in such a negative space, that it takes a great deal of strength for me to hear my souls message. But, I am listening to my message and the direction that it is leading me. Today, I must take care that I place myself in a positive area...that by setting aside some time to be reflective ...taking some time to let myself and my heart heal...Today, I am slowing down my racing thoughts and listening. I am aware that I must pay attention to my needs...and that I cannot deny my growth...that by listening carefully I will find my peace and it will blossom and flourish my spirit.
Artfully Yours,

What messages come to you when you reach a negative space? How do you rise above them?
What message did you hear today??


Krissie said...

heres the one I mentioned before this is my affirmation word for the coming year...2008

hope this is the place to post in? Patti do I post in the whole blog adress, or just the single page link?


squarepegperson said...

I LOVE the comfort zone idea...not pressuring myself. In response to your question about what do I find in my negative space, I wrote this kinda/sorta poem called River of Grace.

I've posted it at
http://squarepegpeople.typepad .com/squarepeg_reflections/2008/01/river-of-grace.html