protecting your heart....a dialogue...

Today, although I have tried to do my routine in order to center myself I just am not able to do that...I light my candle ... I have gotten settled in... I breathe...but my mind heart beats to fast and I can't seem to calm any part of my soul. Today, I have a dialogue with myself instead...I am reminded by my friend, Brenda, to place my heart in a pink bubble when I feel surround myself with white light...This mandala came quickly this morning as I do that....I am losing things that I that I have no control over and one perhaps by choice...both hard to handle..both difficult to understand...both will change my life as I know it today. And I am not sure why either of them have to happen...why either of them can't be saved...So I place my heart and those I love in pink bubbles today...I surround them with white light...even amongst the confusion that surrounds us... where they are safe... where I am safe...and I wait silently for answers.
Artfully Yours,

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