A New Dawn...A Reflection

deeper peace.
with this
new dawn.

Today, I am aware of a new dawn. The beginning of a new year for me. Today, I am aware that I need to recover my energy and feel a deeper peace. Today, I place candles and flowers and mental pictures around me...allowing myself to recapture and refresh. Today, I am aware of a new dawn before me with my heart and my mind.
As I reflect on this past week I am aware that approaching my birthday I have been restless...I have been craving change...and allowing my heart to direct me to relax and to listen. I am aware to be quiet and allow the energy to pass in and around me as I give myself wishes of love to light this new year.
Artfully Yours,

PS: How can you give your self some time today to recover...recapture...and refresh? As you reflect on your week what wishes of love can you give yourself to light your life?


Doe Grozs Art said...

Happy Birthday! Wishes for a creative and prosperous year! Filled with all of life's treasures.
and congratulations on being in Artful Blogging :-)
Love your mandala, too.

Luna said...

Happy Birthday Pattie!! I wish you a year of love, good health, joyful artmaking, prosperity and even more GETTING FAMOUS ;-) You're well on the way to the latter! Thanks for the gifts you give to so many of us every day simply by being YOU!!