Transitions...a Reflection


Today, I am aware of transitions...knowing just how natural to life they are. Though they may be painful at times...often unsettling...and confusing....but it is during these times of transitions that we feel a shift taking place. I am aware today, that transitions take place all our lives at different times...some expected...and some unexpected. Today, I am aware of transitions and the changing that is going on around me....I am reaching outside of my shelter for help and guidance...Today, I surrender to this transition...I give love and I open my mind and my heart.
Today, as I reflect on my week I am aware of my traveling thoughts...and how I must breathe deeply with compassion and feel the power of my nurturing heart. How even thought at times I am feeling somewhat off center I must continue to grow and reach with a calm and a peaceful center...Most of all I am aware of the united network of love that circles and comforts me.
Artfully Yours,

PS: No matter what transition you might be going through, can you be open to the lesson it has to show you? As you reflect on your week, can you give yourself some time to journal to listen to your heart direct you with love and compassion?


Barb said...

Thank you for your wonderful circles of light and color again this week. Amid your transitions you have created art and articulated words that gave me cheer and hope during my own week of doubts about my talents. Then I reaffirmed that I am an artist in transition while the economy is also in a transition that clashes with my course. Enjoy your weekend!

Charlie said...

Keeping an open mind, living each day to the fullest and paying attention. Life goes on as usual and we will get through it.