to fly
to change.

Today I am aware of change.
Some days do you feel like you just need to break free from your regular routines? Do you feel like you are sitting in the middle of your colorful life?
Today, I am aware that this seems to be a natural part of my life...feeling a need and a desire to change. It happens more so, when I am returning from a time spent away from my home and in a very nurturing environment. When I feel as if I have to adjust...I have to step back into the routines that I have somehow accepted as "just part of life".
My mind races and it wants me to change...change my patterns...change my perceptions...It wants me to explore my experiences...It wants me to be motivated to change.
Today, I am aware of change.
I am aware that even if I only change one small aspect of my life today it is going to make me feel differently...more at ease...more at peace. It is going to bring about a different pattern. By allowing the dark and the light to flow allowing all the colors of my life to penetrate each other this change is going to help me fly.
Artfully Yours,

PS: What one small change can you allow today that will help you fly?


Luna said...

Pattie, this is just gorgeous! I just made a mandala of my own. Intersting we should both be talking about change, growth.

love to my sistah!!

cheryl @ mandala oasis said...

I love it Pattie! And the question too..thank you!

To answer your question, and to guide myself into change: I can allow myself to do not resist the small steps I take that usher in the change I seek; and to value the small steps I take, knowing they are the journey itself.


yertle said...

This is really inspiring. Thanks so much.

I can change my focus and to remember that in every moment I have a choice.

Barb said...

Patti, this mandala is just beautiful! I'm glad to see you back; you were missed. And thank you for stopping by to see the photos from my trip on the USS Eisenhower. There are more and I am trying to get a few on each day. One more day on the road and we will be home, but this is one trip that will have an impact on me for the rest of my life!