growing acceptance...


Today, I am aware of my growing acceptance...feeling a level of peace about my future. Realizing that things I have struggled with I now accept more today. Releasing the struggle allows for growth..allows me to feel stronger...allows me to better see the bigger picture. Today, I am aware of my growing acceptance...this allows me to be aware of my current surroundings but also to focus on a brightness that surrounds me without feeling selfish. I am aware that by accepting I am able to stop so much negative energy from flowing so I can feel the brightness. Today, I am aware of my growing acceptance which is allowing me to hear the truth and learn the lessons...I focus today, on my growing acceptance and I am freeing my I wholeheartedly realize that this is not a defeat, but that this is a new starting point toward the future that I face with hope and optimism.
Artfully Yours,

PS: Can you release a struggle today and allow yourself some growing acceptance in your life?

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Barb said...

You are in my head today, Patti! I've been struggling with whether my art is good enough to be accepted and profitable. I have many external cheerleaders --- family, friends --- but not the commercial/retail acceptance I would like in order to feel I am contributing to our livelihood. (I have always been financially successful in others' businesses). So, when the electricity went off Sunday I had a lot of time to look inside and I realized that I do have what it takes -- except patience and self-acceptance. Thanks again for giving me words to look at and absorb and say, "yeah, I get it."