Regain Peace

I have not drawn a card from any of my many decks of meditation cards in a very long time. This morning I was called to do that...I shuffle the a little 50 card pick up by spreading them on the floor...close my eyes...and allow my hand to skim the surface of the cards...usually I get a very warm feeling on the palm of my hand and that is the one I pick up...and today, was no exception....This card is a perfect card for me today. With many stressful things going on around me I have not truly been focusing on energy levels have been going to others...Today, I am reminded as I study this card to let peace flow through me. To repeat the words of times when we are in the middle of something that is stressful we try to find a way to control it...Control is something that we cannot do...we have no control over what is going on with others...we really have no control of so many things...Today, I am willing to give up my need to have control over what is going on around me....I set my mind in a different direction...I set my intention to look at the peace that I can feel in order to better serve myself and others....I set my life back into a motion that is familiar to me by listening with strength to my messages....Today, I am grateful that my message was to draw a card...A card that leads me back to my center....A card that allows me to envision a softness of life...A card that allows me to feel peace. Today...I breathe a deeper breath...I breathe life back into myself...
Artfully Yours,

PS: Can you find a way to regain some peace in your life today???
PPSS: I posted this over at Artfully Yours, one of my other blogs...but it has meant so much to me this morning that I wanted to share it here with those of you who do not visit that blog...

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