Releasing emotions...a dialogue

Once again today, I am feeling a shift as I do my affirmation...Today, this mandala came pouring out of me and when I looked to see the message for myself I feel the releasing of emotions...stressful...sad emotions. I usually give myself 2 doors to open when I am feeling these type of emotions...
Door #1....LET THEM OUT
I am aware that I usually choose DOOR # 2!!!! This allows me to give the attempt to deny that I have these feelings of sadness...of stress...of discomfort. But I am also so VERY AWARE that it is unhealthy both for my mind and body. So lately I have been choosing DOOR #1....Helping me to better understand and deal with them directly to gain knowledge...insight and peace. Sometimes I find it difficult to truly express them for fear of looking I have been writing them down in a journal.. allowing them to escape...Sometimes I clean with such energy that I can pass every white glove test ever given...(making my mother proud!!) Lately I have been finding loving friends who have the talent to listen...allowing the release to flow out of me without judgement. In the middle of the uncomfortable emotions I have to stop myself....I have to remember to BREATHE...and to see...hear...feel...experience...and honor with gratitude the wonderful...loving...pleasurable events and emotions that are also taking place. I have to be aware that I am NOT the only person on the Earth that is experiencing these negative emotions.
No one wants to get hurt or be hurt or to hurt anyone else (especially those we love) but it is also easy to lash out at those people when we are feeling those negative emotion because we feel safe that they will understand...that they will not leave...that they will somehow take the pain away from us (although we all know that this is the wrong thing to do)...No one wants to experience is so easy to close up...close off...shut down...and push those we love away when we are hurting....This is probably the worse thing we can do....the most unhealthy thing we can do.
Today. I am allowing and releasing some of the emotions that are causing me stress...causing me pain...but I look inward...I look see and feel and acknowledge the peace...the love....the beauty that surrounds me that shows me how to be alive.
Artfully Yours,

PS: How can you release some stressful emotions today so that you can see the love around you? Can you journal? Can you talk to a valued friend? Can you see in the background the vision of a better day?


yertle said...

This is so what I needed today. I have lots of emotions to process from yesterday to regroup and keep taking life one day at a time. Thank you.

Goddess Diana said...

Hi Goddess Pattie,

Aah!!! Such a breath of inspiration. I too choose Door #2 and then I run away. So I don't have to share or deal. Tee hee!!!

Yes, vulner-ABLE - that's a tough one. And yes, reMEMBERing to BREATHE - sometimes easier said then done.

Yes, allowing and releasing. And picking up the phone to talk to a trusted friend who will let you explore these feelings and thoughts and help you laugh at yourself.

Keep up the good work, my Goddess. Your mandalas and words shine a light for me, my sister.

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Goddess Diana

Barb said...

Negative thoughts are waging war with my well-being lately and, as always, I find inspiration in your blog. I need a release and feel a good cry just below the surface, but it just won't erupt. Time for some good music and working on my own artwork. I know that things could be so much worse; if only the seratonin levels would respond faster to the stream of positive thoughts I try to feed it. In the meantime, breathe, relax the shoulders, loosen the jaw, and unclench the face.... and laugh!!