Today, I am aware that there are times when my truth whispers to me....So softly that I have to stop all the noise...all the commotion...everything else that is going on around me and listen carefully to the whispers. When it comes to "whispers" I realize they are the messages that I am usually unwilling to hear because of fear...because I am afraid to be hurt or wounded...because perhaps they feel like selfish thoughts. Today, I listen softly to the whispers that I have been able to work on... expressing my needs and feelings from a place of truth. These whispers of truth are powerful and allow me to be real...these whispers of truth allow me NOT to ignore my true feelings...these whispers of truth allow me to express myself...these whispers of truth allow intimacy....these whispers of truth allow dreams...these whispers of truth allow me to be grateful.
Today I listen to my whispers of truth with loving care...and I feel them deeply.
Artfully Yours,

PS: Can you quiet yourself today to hear your whispers of truth?


Luna said...

Is it possible that your mandalas and writing could get any better? Just when i think I've read your best one, you pop out another that tops the list again! I do so very much love this one! Maybe because of the feather image and the word whisper. I think they are archetypes that greatly speak to me. Your post and image resounded deeply within me and reminded me of a poem I wrote 2 years ago.

Guilty Pleasures

These guilty pleasures,

concealed in trembling hands

that I cradle to my breast,

I'd like to think that they are unknown to anyone else.

Yet surely they are broadcast in the drumming of my heart,

carved out for all to see in the curve of my smile,

and written among the stars in silver script

that flows across an indigo sky

punctuating even the darkest corners with a tentative glimmer.

I dare not name them out loud,

I whisper to myself

these secrets, wishes,

fantasies hopes and dreams.

They are as yet unfeathered,

too fragile, too new from the shell to fly.

I will shelter and nurture them,

let them live in the nest built twig by twig

in the hollow of my soul

where passion roosts.

MPDO 2/10/06

Yes...some truths are meant only for our own ears, our ownn heart ,our own soul to hear.

love to you sister!xoxo

Charlie said...

I love this one too. You are ever vigilant in seeking the truth. It sounds so easy but its not.

Goddess Diana said...

Thank Goddess for the whispers and being gentle with yourself. Very good!!! very good!!! Yay!!!

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Goddess Diana