Lemons...(the power of happiness)...a dialogue

Today this mandala came to me...as I drew and painted, it reminded me of lemons...It also reminded me of two different quotes..."when life hands you lemons...make lemon aid"(Unknown) and "People are just about a happy as they make up their minds to be."(Abraham Lincoln) Lately I have been handed a fair amount of lemons... And as far as happiness...well...I know that resides within me...I am the one who is responsible for that...I don't want to put that responsibility in the hands of anyone but me!! Only I can put my happiness first. There are times when we are affected by what is going on in someone else's life that makes us put our happiness aside...but we are of little use to our self or anyone else when we do not find things to be happy about...we have to allow our happiness for something to ripple out around us. Happiness even during times when you are handed lemons is not always the easiest thing to find ...but it is really the most necessary thing to acknowledge...a bird singing...a squirrel gathering a nut...the sun shining...old memories...new memories...the goodness of our life...things that cause great laughter. Consider what your life is like when you feel happy....and what it is like when you are not...which do you prefer? I am willing to go and make a Margarita (just seems like it might hit the spot!!) out of my lemons today and look for rays of happiness everywhere I can find them....Care to join me?
Artfully Yours,

PS: Do you want a glass of Lemon aide or a Margarita today with your side order of happiness?!


Goddess Diana said...

This mandala is so colorful and happy.

Thank you for sharing Goddess Pattie.

Happy - joy in my heart - seeing the stars in the sky - smelling fresh cut grass - walking my doggess/goddess and seeing her tail wag and her ears flop - singing Joy to the World in the rain and having a neighbor clap - tee hee!!!

A dose of yummy lemon-aid and a beautiful mandala from a Crone Goddess mentor who inspires me with every sharing.

I am so grateful to you, my Goddess. I am so blessed.

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Goddess Diana

MamaBird said...

I'd love to join you for a lemon-limey salty margarita! Your mandala is juicy & delicious. May the lemons of life continue to squeeze citrus-y blessings.

Watching two silly squirrels chasing one another up a tree right now - and smiling, knowing you find happiness watching them, too!


Hopespiral said...

i will breathe...HAPPINESS....
I prefer...
a freshly squeezed Lemon Margarita.

Kate Jobe said...


I'll join you for a margarita and savor the cleansing properties of lemons...sending thoughts of light-filled happiness.


Barb said...

I'll join you in that margarita! Would you believe that today another bluebird appeared on my backyard fence!? So late in the season, but he is so welcome here! I remember (and thank you) for the inspiring comment you sent me about the bluebirds. His appearance is reason to celebrate today!

Jane B. said...

Hi Pattie - you've been tagged! I love your blog, you always inspire me. Thank you for sharing, and if you'd like to see your tag, hop over to my bit of the blog universe. Have a great evening! Jane