Roads ...A dialogue

I am very aware that the mandalas are coming to me these days before my thoughts...before my words...before allowing myself to listen....After this mandala came out on paper I listened to the message that it brought out from my heart....It allows me to see the roads before me...the roads I have traveled...and the stars that are the roads of the future....Some roads are dark and filled with challenges that are what we usually refer to as "bumps in the road".... there are past roads that are filled with memories that resemble very good times and some bad moments (but those moments seem to be less important than they once were) and then there are the stars that allow the dreams that we have to come forth at the right moment in time....and the strength that we need at the right moment in time to travel the road that we are on....This mandala holds gratitude and strength for me as I walk down a dark road....It holds light and healing as I maneuver over holds love and support from those who reach out to guide me and who pick me up if I stumble...This mandala shows me that I have traveled down many roads before...and I have survived anything that was placed in front of me and come out a stronger person...a wiser (at least I hope so) person...lessons learned and love acknowledged....This mandala shows me that no matter what has come my way...I have been able to reach for the stars before ...during....and after that road was completed....And that the road I am on now, will be no different.
Artfully Yours,

PS: No matter what road you are traveling look within...and find a star to cast a net over for yourself to bring you light and healing....

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Goddess Diana said...

Sounds like you are truly listening to the voice within and it is coming out stronger and faster because of the trust you have placed there.

Sending love and healing energy to you and your WSM husband.

I am always here if you need me, my Goddess.

Thank you for sharing the journey and leading the way with your light.

Wishing you,
Peace & love, Just Because,
Goddess Diana