Comforting heart...A dialogue

As I begin this new day, my heart is in view and I am allowing great comfort in more so than ever. This comfort is not only for others but it is for myself. When we are forced to take a different road in our lives(one that we did not choose for our self...nor would we have) we tend to step back from our self...step aside...and dismiss what it is that we need in order to give our full attention to what someone else needs. This is comfort, to me, coming from the purest of intentions....I am aware today, that I must also allow myself to continue to grow...allowing comfort to come in as well as go have no boundaries and give totally without effort...I could feel guilty for taking this time for myself...for thinking of myself...but as I start this new day, I am aware that when all is said and must continue, even when faced with challenges, to comfort and care for them self. So today, as I reach out for my heart...for my answers...I am aware that I must continue to see the ways to enjoy my own growth ... to be in this allow the comfort and support to help me to continue to grow with strength...with acknowledgement of what it is that I need...with happiness...with gratitude...with love.
Artfully Yours,

PS: No matter what is going on today....can you find a instant..where you can give yourself the comfort you need to allow comfort in?

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Goddess Diana said...

Thank you for sharing your HEART.

Yes, my Goddess.

You must take care of yourself FIRST. So you remain grounded and centered and that whatever happens swirls around you and dissipates.

And keep on laughing. Very good, very good, yay!!!

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Goddess Diana