Giving love...


Today, I am aware of giving love....simply...from the blossom that grows within...stating me a true sense of satisfaction. Realizing that it is necessary to demonstrate the depth of these feelings...softly...sweetly...opening up with honesty...touching others and touching myself...Today, I am aware of giving love.
Artfully Yours,

PS: What makes you aware of the love you give without hesitation?

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Luna said...

I am aware of being filled with new energy when I give love without hesitation. I think of it this way. Giving requires me to open my hand to "give it away", but while my hand (and heart) is open from the giving it's also open for receiving something new and unexpected, but always a blessing and always filling me back up, usually getting back more than I've given. it's the law of return, what you give, whether negative or positive comes back to you 3 times to a hundredfold of the measure I you used to give. Love is a great thing to makes us richer than rich!

Thanks for the great comments you left on my blog! You made my day!
have a great weekend Pattie!