Truth...A Reflection

on wings.
I surface
with my
toward a
new day.

Today, I am rising with my truth. I am slowly seeing from my heart the rays of light. I am surfacing from my emotions and willingly taking flight toward a new day. This week my confusion has caused me to seek my silence and center myself to listen closely to hear my truth. This week as I reflect I am aware that I must be present and positive to stretch forward. I am healing with growth from my endings and my beginnings. I have moved my thoughts into focus and am freeing myself from expectations. This has been a week of great acceptance ..this has been a week of gratitude and gentle guidance. This has been a week of moving closer to my heart. So, today, I am rising with my truth.
Artfully Yours,

PS: As you reflect on your week, what messages did you receive that will bring you rising to your truth in order for you to take flight toward a new day?

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Square-Peg Karen said...

This week my messages have centered around believing/knowing - that who I am, what I do, what I say - matters REGARDLESS of outcome.

Regardless of what I SEE.

There's something in the messages about having faith in myself, in life, in the story - believing that (I love how this fits with your water - in your artwork!!) what I do/say/am has a ripple effect - the ripples keep going and growing.

Thanks Pattie, you really help me reflect!!