blue skies...
wings unfolded...
light hearted...

Today I am aware to feel free. To feel the wind gently carrying me upward. Today, I am aware to feel the light hearted knowledge that my wings have always been here...that the sky has always been blue...that I have always been ready...and that I am free to choose to expand my world and fly. Today, I am aware to feel free...Free to explore the possibilities of life, of creativity, of my world. strings attached to weight me down...Free to soar and reach new heights...Free to believe that anything is possible if I allow myself the freedom. Today, I am aware to feel free and rejoice in the colors of my outstretched wings.
Artfully Yours,

PS: What freedom can you be aware of today to rejoice in?

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Laura Scarlett said...

Thanks for your kind coment on my blog. Beautiful colours and so much energy in this post. Lovely! I wonder how you keep all these mandalas. Do you have them all together in a sketch book. I always think they would make a wonderful book of affirmations and illustrations if published. I'd get it in a heart beat. Keep up the good work.
laura x