in my truth.
in my dreams.
in my reality.

Today I am aware of resting. Lightly resting in the reality of now. I am resting with the truth of things that have been presented to me...I am resting in the dreams that my heart feels...I am resting lightly right here, right now. Today, I am aware that some of my illusions have been lifted, that I am resting here in the awareness of passion. I am resting with the words and thoughts that are coming from a golden lightness from inside. Will I rest for long? That is not a question that I am able to answer...but today, I am aware of this resting, and it feels right. Today, I am aware that one must rest in order to be order to be order to be order to fly perhaps for the very first time to heights I could only dream of.
Artfully Yours,

PS: In your every day hurry can you give yourself a moment to rest?

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