Unlocked...A reflection.

my heart.

Today, I am aware of unlocking my heart...of opening up and how it deepens me...and my connection to my soul. Revealing who I really am for others to see...for my self to know. Connecting authentically to my love...my creativity...my message. When you unlock your heart you begin to create space for creativity... for love...for compassion...for trust...for life. Today I am aware of unlocking my heart inviting others to experience what is in my soul. Today, as I reflect on this week I am aware of the dance of life that I move to...I am aware of how my happiness is entwined with my strength and my growth...I am aware of the dreams that appear before me, without doubt...Today, I am aware of unlocking my heart and listening to the messages of my spirit...to put them into action...and to dream.
Artfully Yours,

PS: As you reflect on your week what can you find that unlocked your heart?


cheryl finley said...

Oh Pattie...it was meant for me to see this. Very appropo for me too. Unlocking the locks! ..makes me think of the locks that the boats go thru to get to the larger body of water...a process indeed.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Rosie said...

Pattie - what a beautiful piece of work! I love what you've written too... very soulful. I'm resolved to start my own Art Journal as I have found so much inspiration in Blogland! My heart is as full of joy as my head is ideas... all I need now is more time!!!
Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - it is much appreciated!
Hugs, Rosie

Alberta & Ava said...

I am so glad I found your blog! Something happened to unlock my heart about two months ago, and, since then, I have been filled with joy and the need to create, create, CREATE! Every day is a possibility and a gift filled with hope that spills out into my art. Thank you so much for your encouragment on my blog. I'm so happy you came to visit.