of colors...
of joy...
of happiness..
of trust.

Today, I am aware of trust...I am putting my mind aside and trusting life. Making sure to be aware to trust that it is anything but ordinary...making sure to be aware to trust that is is full and overflowing... . With trust comes a mountain of color...of joy...of happiness...I am aware that there is nothing that cannot be seen from the top of the mountain (for it is there that I am closest to my dreams) There is nothing that cannot be done from the top of the mountain (for there is where my strength is) There is nothing that cannot be believed at the top of the mountain (for that is where one is closest to the stars)...and there is nothing that can be taken away from me (as long as I am aware of trust). Once you embark on the path of trusting yourself...your voice.. your words...your creativity...your messages...your heart...your soon realize that you cannot lose real treasures...for those are yours and they live in the mountain of trust that resides in your heart.
Artfully Yours,

PS: Can you be aware of your mountain of trust today?


Debra W said...


Today I am trusting that my brother, who passed away suddenly, three months ago, is where he is supposed to be right now. I trust that although I can no longer hug him, I will always be able feel him with my heart. I trust that he is aware of the rift which his passing left behind and that he is doing all he can, from where he is, to help fix things.

I trust.
I trust.
I trust...

Thank you, Pattie.

mermaid musings said...
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mermaid musings said...

This is hard...
But yes!
all I can think is of trust in others, specifically, men.

Today, I face my fears and I want to trust and let go of any pain.
it was ok, it was intended for me to learn, to return to love, to open my eyes to new experiences, joys, and perhaps, a new love?
I trust!!!

Thank you lovely you!

This one is quite a challenge for me but I am willing to take it