Flowering...A Reflection

flowering ...
no longer
a seed.

Today, I am aware of flowering....of opening up to my dreams...my creativity...my warmth. Today, I am aware to be an open blossom, no longer a seed. To stretch myself and grow. Today, as I reflect on this week I am aware that I must be aware to be trusting, as this gentle wind glides me with thoughts of new adventures. That by being focused in the moment that I will be aware of all the abundance around me. That by being aware of the gladness of my heart, I am more content and joyous. Today, I am aware as I reflect on this week that the glowing warmth that is coming from deep within is true and beautiful. So today, as I reflect I am aware of the good and positive events that are happening, and I am aware to honor them with all of my heart.
Artfully Yours,

PS: As you reflect on this day and this week what message can you hear to allow you to no longer be in your seed?

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