Dream Seeds...A reflection


Today, I am aware of feeling secure and positive allowing myself to ask what I truly want out of life...Today, I am aware that these dream seeds are actually taking shape and blossoming...and some have already come true. Today, I am clearly visualizing what I want as I step into the path of my dreams.
Today, I also reflect on my week and the messages that have come from within. I have been so aware of the "allowing" I have been doing and I am conscious of my growth. I am aware of the colorful fun that is taking place...the laughter which is restoring and stimulating me...I am aware to greet each new day by being awake and taking note of fulfilling my dreams. I am aware of the strength that flows in and around me that allows me to continue a forward motion without fear.
Today, I am aware of all of my dream seeds and the messages that I hear.
Artfully Yours,

PS: As you reflect on your week...what dream seeds are you aware of?


mermaid musings said...

yes they are seeds planted:
learn more
open my mind
and defy specially fears.
am also aware that I need to focus more.
I think that's where i need to start, Carmen: FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS

yes I do want to fulfilled my dreams.

p.s. you are gifted! i love your writing, soulFULL, so real!!!
Thank YOU!!!

Tammie Lee said...

As I scroll through through your art, taking it in, there is a feeling of joy, liveliness and celebration. Lovely!