opening up...

opening up...

Today, I am aware of opening up....of reestablishing a sense of trust with myself...At times I find it easier to block or bury my feeling....but today, in the quiet of this morning I am realizing that there are days when nothing makes sense to me...and yet, there are also days like today, when I begin to better understand what it is that I am feeling and what direction those feelings are taking me. Today, I open up more to some of the feelings I have been having...allowing myself to listen to my inner voice and follow the wisdom of my growth and strength...Today, as I open up I am reminded to myself... allow myself room for all feelings...and believe that all that I feel will bring me to a place of peace long as I start from the inside out.
Artfully Yours,

PS: Today, can you open up to some of your feelings in order to grow with strength?

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