breaking open...a reflection

breaking open
my seeds
of wisdom.

Today, I am aware of breaking open...opening my seeds of wisdom...blossoming and growing...seeing an opportunity to be aware. As I experience this breaking open I am also aware that there is still more growing to do...more things to learn...and I am becoming more comfortable each day with myself and my seeds of wisdom.
As I reflect on this week I am aware of all the wisdom that has been surrounding me...intellectual ...emotional...creative...physical...I am aware that I have been collecting the seeds of wisdom...preparing them...nurturing them to allow myself to hear see them grow. I have been feeling confident and creative...expressing myself as I awaken to these words of wisdom from within.
Today, I am breaking open as I face this day with my truth and my gratitude.
Artfully Yours,

PS: What can you do to allow yourself to break open your own seeds of wisdom to blossom and grow?

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Lori said...

WOW Patti! I love this one. I think that in our creative slow points we are nurturing those seeds when we feel unproductive and things like that because whe I come out of a creative slump it just seems that the seeds have been in the dark then explode in blooms. I have had to change my mind set about what I perceive as my creative slumps knowing I will "break open" and there will an abundance of creativity for a while. I love this one. Thank you!