emotional energy...

at times
emotional energy
I restore
my balance

Today, I am aware of the emotional energy that is around me....I am overwhelmed at times and they feel insurmountable....Today, I know if I can center them I can get through them...find answers...see dreams...feel peaceful...I cannot let these emotions rule me...So I take the energy and I go within...I examine them....turn them over to give myself some peace within the silent stillness of my morning ritual ...to restore my balance.
Artfully Yours,

PS: If you are troubled in anyway today, can you find a way to go within to balance yourself?


~Barb~ said...

Balance...just what I'm seeking. Awesome journal prompt for me today. I think I'll set to work on that right now. Thank you!
Peace & Love,

yertle said...

I saw this this morning and it was exactly what I needed to ask myself. I have been feeling troubled. Thanks for inspiring me to get out my journal and to write and go within to balance myself.