energy fields...a reflection...

i am
and strengthened
by my
energy fields...

Today, I am aware that all the fields that surround me are full of energy...Some old thoughts...some new thoughts...this energy restores and strengthens me as long as I allow it to...I can be pulled into the negative thoughts or I can allow the energy to take me to the positive things around me...Today, I am aware of the energy fields and I am feeling lighter...I am letting go of old energy and bringing in new...Today, these energy fields bring me a feeling of peace.
As I reflect on my week I am aware that I have been preparing for today....I have been holding on to a positive vision despite obstacles...I have been overwhelmed at times and have been working on restoring my balance...I have listened as my thoughts unfolded around me while centering myself with gratitude...and I have seen the patterns and the colors that have made up my energy in all the different variations. Today, as I reflect on this week I have learned that the energy has been bringing me this this these feelings. Today, I am aware to allow the energy to flow in and around me.
Artfully Yours,

PS: As you reflect on your week can you sense the energy that has brought you to this day?

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cheryl said...

Beautiful reflection Pattie. always.
Yes, I recognize the energy that has brought me to where I am - I am thankful the tide has turned..and when it hasn't, I let my turtle-self go into its shell for nurturing. Thank you for your continued inspiration and beauty.