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Today, I am sensitive to dreaming...as it softly is flowing around me...giving me a better understanding of the newness that I am feeling...I take deep breaths of this freshness...I am asking myself questions...listening to my thoughts...acting on these dreams and being more productive...This dreaming is allowing me to feel positive...I am feeling the collection of information of wisdom that has been around me...and I am dreaming of how that is giving me an understanding of what is going on right here...right now...Today, I am sensitive to dreaming.
Artfully Yours,

PS: How can you allow yourself to be sensitive to your dreams today?

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~Barb~ said...

I am learning to nurture myself and to accept me, the whole me, and who I am includes my dreams. Big steps!

I love your posts and the artwork you share in them. You're very inspiring and quite thought provoking, too. I love that. Thanks!

Peace & Love,