a change
black and white
to color
is just

There is something about feeling a new beginning taking place from within...seeing and feeling things changing from black and white into color...feeling alive and open. I am aware of that feeling today, I am aware of the transformation taking place within me...around me...bursting open...budding and blooming all at the same time...There is an excitement in that feeling...and a fear that goes along with it also...Feeling that the path to my dreams are being discovered a little more...feeling that I am comfortable here...feeling that even though things may not turn out exactly as I see them right now, I am taking steps...I am feeling the change ....I am allowing myself to embrace them...makes today..just the beginning of things to come.
Artfully Yours,

PS: Are you aware of the changes within you that turn from black and white to color?

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Kate Jobe said...

Pattie..this very much speaks ot me of illusion being transformed into concrete awareness..of a Cheshire Cat shifting into fertile growth