within reach...


Today, I am aware of a dream within my reach...hanging there right in front of me only a whisper away. Today, I am aware that this dream within my reach has been teaching me many lessons...patience...courage...belief...laughter...creativity..... This dream is allowing me to experience a feeling of wonder...the thrill of communication...the touch of being connected. Today, I hear the whisper of this dream within my reach...today, is a good day to give it an opportunity to share its secrets with me...Today...I reach for this dream.
Artfully Yours,

PS: What dream do you have that whispers to you and is just within your reach? Can you touch it today?


Alberta & Ava said...

Somehow you mysteriously sense what I need to read. Yesterday Ava brought home a children's story for me to illustrate (my heart's fondest wish for more thant 25 years). For some reason, I've not had the courage, until recently, to even attempt such a thing. For the past 4 months, though, I've been curiously inspired and possessed by the urge to create. After reading Ava's story and your message, today I can start to try to reach my dream.

Much love,

mermaid musings said...

yes, i can almost touch it as a real thing but i need to keep focusing and say no to distractions.
p.s. so funny i was writing about my dreams this morning (accomplished dreams) and then someone email me about it and now you with this affirmation.
Big signs!

Debra W said...

Hi Patti,

Not sure why I am having some trouble with this. Maybe it is because I have a difficult time seeing past my chronic illness at times? I will have to think about this for a bit.


Cheryl Finley: said...

Oh Pattie...
I just LOVE this! Seems like there're not enough words, or the right words, to express how wonderful your art and words are!

I too realize patience, persistence, to keep my dreams energized by having kindred spirits and cheerleaders around me...and the imporatnce of nurturing myself (i.e. enough rest, exercise, fun).

cheryl @ mandala oasis said...

oh dear Pattie,
The dream I have within reach is getting out there in the world with the passions that are in my heart -- in new ways! The Mandala Oasis is one of them, which I'm so gald you're a part of the community ( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MandalaOasis/

...and extentions of that are brewing currently...and into the next year. The main dream come true is to be feeling better in my body (as in healing). It's been a long 10 year journey, and many practioners along the way, and breakthroughs have been made in the last week or two. It feels good to feel good! I thank the Creator for every angel put on my path that's lead me to greater and greater healing.

And YOU my dear, and your whimsical, colorful, cheerful art...and my art-making as well, and this loving community has been a healing factor indeed. I am thankful for all of us!!

Cuch love to you, and this creative community.