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As I was sitting early this morning, mind connected to different visual pictures from my life...different memorable moment...different ebbs...different flows....different events that I am grateful for. Today, I am aware of being connected...connected to parts of myself, that at one time I thought was the "worse" thing I could possibly be going through...connected to parts of myself that I thought I would never "live" through they were so of myself, that were so brilliant that I could barely compose of myself, that were alive with wonder..with excitement...with love. Today, I am aware of being connected...connected to myself...connected to others who helped me get through... get connected...see... feel...relearn...revisit...
Today, I am aware that all of these events...these parts of me have helped to form the person that I am now. That I did live through all of them...that I did make note of all of them...that I did learn from all of them...and that I am grateful for all of them! Today, in this early morning, where there is a light misty rain, I am aware that the tears that one sheds sometimes only helps for them to see more clearly...that the moments that come into ones life connect them to their their whom they really are. That the moments that are good/and the moments that we think are bad both serve us well with the lessons we have to learn.
Today, I am aware of being I smile and visit these connections with a peace and love that honors who I am and allows me to see the making of myself from the inside out. Today, I am aware of being connected with all that I am and all that I am yet to be.
Artfully Yours,


Lisa said...

So beautiful, Pattie. You've given me a lot to think about. I am not always grateful for experiences I've had but I do know that if it were not for every single experience, I would not be who I am and living this beautiful life so I am going to be more grateful for those not-so-beautiful times starting now. Thank you. xoxoxox The mandala really draws me in.

Alberta & Ava said...

Today's affirmation touches a special chord in me. For many years I have realized that I would not change the experiences I had in my early life because they gave me strength and made me resilient, the two qualities for which I am most grateful. These are the attributes that I believe have allowed me to experience all that is beautiful in my life: motherhood, teaching, service, friendships, love, and art. The connections I have now result from my connections to all the moments in my life, both painful and joyful. Because of you, I have found courage to make new connections, connections from which I hope love and happiness radiate.