Different sides...A reflection

made of
different colors
different sides
to bring me
to the center.

Today, I am so aware of the different sides to my heart...the different colors ...the different emotions...the different responses that bring me to my center... There are defining moments in ones' life that alter their heart forever...from the birth of a child...to the death of a love one...to newly found creativity and to love. These moments in there profound way change us...allow us to grow...allow us to move...allow us to be one with ourself and one with the world. These moments change the structure of who we are because the emotional response comes from the center of your heart...the center of love. Today, I am aware that loving and giving...taking and wanting...sharing and exposing bring the different colors of my heart to the surface and I am more of who I really am every day.
Today, as I reflect on my week it has been a whirl wind of emotions...of time passing to quickly...and at other times it not passing quickly enough...It has been an awareness of being in a
full circle...a full circle of energy and love. I have been aware of a path that is taking me exactly where I am suppose to be...and perhaps have always been in some sense...or perhaps it has been the missing piece that I have been waiting for...and I move forward even through the bends and curves...I am shown courage...beauty is revealed...I gain wisdom...and I am shown power... all which allow me to be exposed to both an understanding of who I am and my deepest self and to the love that is there for me. I am aware of the spinning of energy ... floating emotions...dizzy and yet smiling...laughing and yet crying...and yet I am eager to allow myself to find out that everything is more than a dream...and so I stay to feel the different colors of my heart.
Today, I am aware that my life is forever changed.
Artfully Yours,

PS: Can you feel the center of your heart with all the different colors?


Hopespiral said...

Moments of 'true colors'...

I feel and see them often...Bringing me confidence and strength.
As I am doing more to show them without hesitation...
-This affirmation is deep, so true and beautiful, (thankyou)-
Create yourself in true color...Express and
believe as 'they' spiral within and without...

mermaid musings said...

this one fits me perfectly Today. yes my, for the past days my days have been challenged with other people's craziness and have disrupted my peace and my emotions almost almost rule me.
I am glad for this affirmation and i am coming back to read it again and again until i get it deeply inside me, yes there were colors, a couple more than the rest, (mmmm???)