Out of Town...

This week I will be out of town ...although I continue to write my affirmations while gone, I do not post them...But I will be back posting once again On June 16th! Take a moment this week and go through the back posts you may find something there that speaks to you. May your week be insightful...may you listen to the messages of your heart and put them to work for you from the inside out!
Artfully Yours,


Cheryl Finley: said...

I was wondering where you were!
I hope you come back even more refreshed than ever!
..miss you!


Anonymous said...

My name is Joan and read your article in Artful blogging and was touched by your words. I am a wife/mother, yoga teacher and artist and have read some of your work in my classes at the YMCA. And after reading the article more carefully I realize you are from Rochester, NY too. I live in Penfield and teach at the Eastside YMCA and am a participating artist in the Clothesline Arts Festival, this will be my second year. I create jewelry. I have played around with the idea of blogging for about a year but it wasn't until I purchased this magazine that I thought I could do it. Hopefully someday soon I will be blogging too. Enjoy your time away. Peace.
PS I have an etsy site: www.nicholsforpennies.etsy.com in case you want to reach me.