to build a new nest...

Today, I am aware of gathering...gathering my passion for my creativity. Today, I have been elbow deep in paint..challenging myself with new ideas and skills. Today, I am aware that I am gathering all sides of my creativity to build a new nest. A nest that is feathered with the various things that I do...A nest that is comfortable and made with love. Today, I am aware that I am gathering all that I am and all that I can be. I am comfortable today with this gathering...
Artfully Yours,

PS: What can you gather to you today, to help you build a new nest?


Square-Peg Karen said...

I'm gathering some time away - just a couple days, but AWAY means alot. It will allow me to mentally focus on all that i HAVE to gather - and new ways I can weave things together in my life/work nest.

Luna said...

Dear Friend,
Thank you as always for making me think, for getting juicy thoughts flowing...

Interesting thought, gathering....
I thought maybe I wasn't gathering anything much, just taking a day away. But now as I think about it, I think that everytime we take time to renew, refill, restore ourselves we are gathering what is needed for the next few steps in the journey. I realize I have been thinking of color, and mediums,emotion, and thought that will become part of text, poetry, or scribbles and paint in an art journal or maybe even a doll. I have been looking for threads of peace to weave into my days, Your question makes me think of a poem I wrote 2 years ago.

Guilty Pleasures

These guilty pleasures,

concealed in trembling hands

that I cradle to my breast,

I'd like to think that they are unknown to anyone else.

Yet surely they are broadcast in the drumming of my heart,

carved out for all to see in the curve of my smile,

and written among the stars in silver script

that flows across an indigo sky

punctuating even the darkest corners.

I dare not name them out loud,

these secrets, wishes,

fantasies hopes and dreams.

They are as yet unfeathered,

too fragile, too new from the shell to fly.

I will shelter and nurture them,

let them live in the nest built twig by twig

in the hollow of my soul

where passion roosts.

MPDO 2/10/06

Much love!!

Krissie said...

Patti _ i've just posted in my fortune cookie affirmations to tie in with the chinese NY>

I thought you'd like to see the link here.

Sheila said...

Pattie, what a pretty and DETERMINED bird you've painted! Wow, you know where you're going for sure, and nothing can stop you! I love your words too, I shall have to think about them more. I shall.