in the wholeness.
breathe deep...

Today I am aware to breathe. To breathe in the wholeness of my life. To take a deep breath and let it out slowly...purposely. Today, as I do this, I am aware that I am allowing myself to stretch, to be open, and to believe that the realization of my dreams is coming true in so many ways. Today, I am aware to breathe...allowing myself to feel the sensations of my life from birth to present day. Today, I am aware that all my breaths have brought me to this moment in time, this moment where I can gather all that I am and dream still of all that I am yet to be. Today, I am aware to breathe in the spirit, the love, the gratitude, the experiences and the knowing. Today, I open wide with a deep breath.
Artfully Yours,

PS: As you take a deep breath today, what can you be aware of to feel your wholeness of life?


Katrina said...

i just found you through kelly rae's blog. i love the idea of daily/ weekly affirmations and reflections. the more i commit to my creative life the more i realize the connections between the psyche, the muses, and the energy for the creative work. thanks for this lovely suggestion.

Halo Hill said...

Very interesting words, and gorgeous piece of art. Ah, a starfish! How beautiful, and what beautiful movement they have. Kind of flowing and free... like breathing!