My hearts gift...

my hearts'
to the

Today, I am aware of my hearts that I offer to my that I offer to others...through my words...through my art...directly from my heart. Allowing others to be truly aware of how I nurture nurture make a affirm...and to strengthen the bonds that link my heart with others. Today, I am aware of my hearts' gift of being willing to express the love I hold...willing to be trusting of things I sometimes am fearful of...willing to be vulnerable by exposing myself...I release these gifts without holds of expectations ...without worry...I fill myself up with the words of my heart and I let them go...unconditionally allowing them to swirl into the universe...for all to feel!
Artfully Yours,

PS: Will you allow some of your hearts gifts to swirl out into the universe today?

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Judy H in NC said...

Hope 2009 will be wonderful for you. Can't wait to follow what you get up to this year!