A mirror

Today, I am aware of dreaming...of viewing life from greater choices that mirror one another. Today, I am dreaming of a bigger picture...feeling happiness and success...dreaming and thinking. Today, I am aware of dreaming and considering with an open mind and self assurances many of the dreams that appear before me. Today, I am aware of dreaming and how important those dreams have become, and how positive those dreams make me feel....How by allowing those dreams to overtake me I become more of the person I believe I was meant to be. Today, I dream!
Artfully Yours,

PS: What dream are you aware of today?

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Laura Scarlett said...

Hi Pattie.
Not exactly what you are asking but I thought you might like to hear about this saying as it strangely relates to your "dreaming" and "mirror image" themes. I had a dream about my mum buying a new house last night and before I could tell her, she told me she had had a dream where she was buying a new house also. What a strange coincidence. I found further synchronicity in your post.