Reflective...A reflection

opening up...
to clarity...
to peace...

Today, I am being aware to be reflective. I am aware that if I remember to take the time to find my look for my peace...I can reflect on what my heart is saying to me. I can be aware of my day emotions dreams more. As I reflect on this day...and on this week I am aware of all the love that surrounds me...I am aware of the bliss that I experience every day...I am aware of believing in all of my dreams...And even if my thoughts should go upside down I am aware that if I continue to truly be reflective...If I keep my eye on my heart I am able to smile ... Smile deep...and smile openly without any doubts. Today, I am aware to be reflective.
Artfully Yours,

PS: As you go about your day, what can you reflect on this week to help you keep your eye on your hearts' messages?

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