Seeds../ A reflection

of gratitude...
of dreams...
of love...
planting my seeds.

Today is a day of being aware of planting my seeds. Planting my seeds of seeds of dreams...and my seeds of love....Today, as I reflect on my week I see the coming of Spring in my life...I see the experiences that are leading to new growth. I feel positive with joyful gladness that bubbles all around me. I am aware of the dreaming...and the thinking that I am doing . Today, I am aware of the luck that comes from within and the discovery of it....Today, I plant the seeds within my life to bring me bring me bring me gladness and to help me flourish. Today, as I plant my seeds I dream of so much more.
Artfully Yours,

PS: As you reflect on your week what seeds have you been aware of?


Deb G said...

I really like your "seeds." I've been thinking a lot about how the words I use with others (especially when I am at work) plant seeds-hopefully of confidence and joy.

winterwood said...

posted in some seeds of thought last night - love yours such a good post!