bonds of

Today, I am aware of devotion...of expressing that devotion in all that I do and say. By being creative and reminded that although things appear at times to be difficult, if I stay true to my devotion to them...if I express myself...if I am assured and then reassured...then I can reinforce the bonds that bring together the devotion of all that is important to me, letting go of any separation that might appear between me and my dreams.
Artfully Yours,

PS: What bond of devotion can you reinforce today?

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Square-Peg-Karen said...

Pattie, I was just going to respond to the reflection..haven't been here for a couple days and looked down and saw this post..
i am SO getting this in my own life.. a LOT..and it's freakish about the "letting go of any separation that might appear between me and my dreams.."
that's my work this week..totally..i'm seeing exactly WHAT the separation is (basically fear - not trusting that the universe will hold me up)..and i am LOVING that i get reminders like this..
wow and wow..AGAIN..thanks so much