In the Moment.....A reflection.

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Today, I am aware to be in the find the exquisite...the little things...the positive...the dreams...the resting... To not venture to far forward or backwards...some days I let the negative get to me...some days I find it difficult to, I am aware to be in the find the peace and gratitude of this day.
As I reflect on the week I am aware that I have been resting....that my heart's perspective has been full and emotional....that I have been energizing in tranquility....and thankful for the warmth as I listen to the messages from within and find a better way to honor my time...allowing my power to spark the flames and rise.
Today, I am aware to be in the moment honor myself.
Artfully Yours,

PS: What can you do today that will show you the way to be aware to be in the moment?

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