combination's....a reflection


Today I am aware of combination's ...combination's of Today, I am aware of the combination's of growth and trust...of wisdom and intuition...of patience and overwhelm...Today,
as I reflect on all these combination's I honor my truths...I integrate my ideas...I am aware to broaden my senses to help me better appreciate my spirit as I grow..
As I reflect on this week I am aware that I have been moving inward and outward and yet sometimes I have allowed myself to stand still...believing...listening...dreaming...discovering. I have been nurturing my seedlings with love and time to establish firm roots as I navigate to find answers through the twists and turns of my core....Once again connecting with ME.
Artfully Yours,

PS: As you navigate today, and reflect on your week, how can you honor and remember your brave spirit?


squarepegperson said...

thinking of you today - love the stained glass look i see in the last few mandalas (well, i love ALL the mandalas..but just saying i enjoy the new look also)...

Anonymous said...

Seeking that balance of the expansive outside and the intimate within.. Today at the full moon, we combine these influences to find that comfort zone, our truth. I love coming to your blog. Helps me to connect back to my Self and also that I need to allow the Universe to take hold of the steering wheel. The trusting part - that it is all as it should be.
Thanks for being here :-)

Robin O'Neal said...

I'm sharing your beauty and spirit today - so blessed by your art and your spirit and your kind heart.

Laugh & Dream, dear Pattie,