Sometimes we have to let go of thing that are precious to us...leaving us with a void ...a loss... some pain...Today, I honor that letting go...Letting go of something so that it could have a new beginning...a better start...I believe we can weave the threads of our losses into our hearts...of the things that we let go of into our life (even if we don't want to let go)...we can allow those things to help us to see clearer...to love better and to grow stronger. Today, I honor that...I know that sometimes you have to let go in order for the new to enter your life...with an open heart. Today, I honor the birth of that by lighting a candle and allowing a piece of my heart to fly on the wings that I allowed that letting go to have.
Artfully Yours,

PS: Can you weave a loss into your heart today with honor?


yertle said...

So beautiful. And such an important message. Thank you.

Doe Grozs Art said...

This has caused me to think about the "little" letting goes which prepare us for the big ones.
It's always around us, each day, each season, people, jobs, the loves of our life.. it makes me more mindful of the little things I can let go of... learning to let go more gracefully...
It is a process.. a life-long process.
To honor that process take grace.
Thank you for being an example of that.