Sweet Surrender...

sun kissed...
sweet surrender.

Today, I am aware of sweet surrender...as the sun kisses the sky, I am aware of the sweetness of the fruit of my dreams and how high my spirits are lifted today. I am aware of the ripeness of my fulfillment and the positive musings of my soul. Today, I am aware of the sweet surrender that I give myself...that these feelings are energized from creativity and love. Today, I am aware that by realizing and accepting this sweet surrender I feel optimistic...ambitious...positive...upbeat.
This sweet surrender allows me to be motivated...to aspire...to consider...to be joyous...to be happy with the present and look forward as I continue to grow and pursue my dreams.
Artfully Yours,

PS: As you give way to your sweet surrender what feelings are you aware of?


Luna said...

Dropping by your blog is like getting handed a glass of sweet cool water spring water when my spirit is feeling parched and the well is dry. I love it when ya "get" what the universe is trying to tell you. Surrender is the word of the day for me.

The word Surrender?
It illuminates for me the dream I had last night. I was wearing a jester costume complete with itchy tights and the tri-point hat with bells, I was juggling about a dozen glass balls, the bells on my hat not the gentle jingle you'd expect, but clanging away, and was not having any fun at all because i was too worried about which one I was going to let fall and break. I knew I was trying to juggle too much, and heard myself saying, "alright already, I'll set a couple fo them down!" I stopped juggling, catching each of the glass balls, cradling them in my arms while I looked carefully at each before I decided to set a third of them down gently realizing that I don't have to continue to juggle ALL the glass balls I'm afraid of dropping, I can just set them down gently and toss around only the ones that don't rob me of the joy of juggling. I set down the smokey grey balls and picked up only the pink balls and found I was enjoying the juggle again after I "surrendered". I'll pick up the other balls when I'm finished with the pink balls. Surender... it's like a drink of sweet cool spring water when your spirit is parched.

Thank you Pattie

Luna xoxox

Barb said...

Pattie, a saw your blog featured in Artful Blogging and was immediately drawn to the freshness of the colors and the cheerful designs in your artwork. Then I read your affirmations and thought "these sound like my own heart speaking to my seratonin-deprived brain." I hope you don't mind if I put you on my favorite blogs list.

For me surrendering is when I push away from what my head says is safe and follow where my heart wants to go. I did just that last year when I broke away from a lifetime of corporate career to move to the country in Missouri and pursue my art and photography. Every day is a new surrender to the possibilities of the creative process.

Thank you for sharing this very beautiful part of you.

cheryl @ mandala oasis said...

Hi Pattie,
I could just reach out and pluck one of those cherries. You are so amazing in your art, and being :)

Surrender...it stirs up in me the awareness that I'm a little resistant to what I need to do to manage the minutia of life, the boring details that I put of, and then have to deal w/the consequences. If I surrendered to the fact that those details have to be handled, and I'm the only one who can do them...then I wouldn't have so much resistance; but I see it as preventing me from doing things I want to do. I know, if I just do them it won't be a big deal. So..yes, I have to surrender and allow myself to be empowered and blessed by that surrender.

Thank you for bringing this subject to the surface..
joy to you...Cheryl

johanna said...

bliss, contentment :-) i love this post of yours, pattie. sweet surrender... wonderful