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Today, I am aware that I am celebrating...celebrating life...celebrating some dreams that have been reached...celebrating my spurt of growth...celebrating personal moments...celebrating good friends who support me...celebrating love...celebrating joy...celebrating life. As I reflect on the celebration I am mindful to take this moment to breathe...to breathe it all in...to hold and honor each moment and to be grateful. I am mindful that I must look forward...to consider new goals in a positive manner and that the journey is filled with both large and small moments. Today, I am aware of celebrating....today, I celebrate life...celebrate dreams come true...celebrate dreams in the making...celebrate both the large and the small moments...celebrate laughter...celebrate tears...celebrate my growth as I stretch forward.
Artfully Yours,

PS: What large or small moment can you celebrate today?


rivergardenstudio said...

Thank you for helping me see that today is a celebration, for me a celebration of summer and a chance to finish art projects! I love your mandala...Roxanne

Barb said...

Every moment should be a celebration and should be easy to see that. As a panic disorder and depression sufferer I have to work harder at that. But now that I can live in my art I find so much more beauty and can openly celebrate my art. I also celebrate the day I found your blog and eagerly look each day for your mandalas and stream of positive affirmations. You are a blessing!

Fiona O'Dowd - Intend. Act. Inspire said...

Thankyou! Your words are a perfect fit :-)
I recently wrote about the benefits the warrior 2 pose is giving me in my return to my yoga practice, and this piece you have shared with the world summarises it beautifully.