with imagination.

Today, I am aware of the fire of my imagination...making sure to light that fire daily and fan the flames. Today, I am aware that by successfully solving different situations that have appeared before me creatively I am fanning the flames of my imagination. Where at one time I would of given up...I now, look for a different original way to do things, to make things work. Today, as I approach challenges I do so with a different view point. Today, I am aware of my imagination and how I can see beauty...color...and something else all together in an ordinary my imagination allows me to make something out of nothing or think outside the box...Today, I am aware of the fire that burns within me...this imagination that will not be denied. Today, I honor my imagination.
Artfully Yours,

PS: Can you use your imagination to be creative today?


squarepegperson said...

YES! I've realized that these days I move through things I'd have given up on years ago - figured it was the wisdom of old age (lol) - but Pattie, I think you've nailed it - it's really the flowering of imagination!!

thanks for articulating that!

laurel said...

This one is speaking to me. Not sure where it will go yet but thank you always for sharing your insights. I like how you depicted the creative flames.

Zoe said...

This one is my favorite! Thanks for your comment. Well thats what I thought about headaches, but the doctors seem to think drinking Mountain Dew will help - the caffeine I guess.
Well I certainly hope they'll grow out if it! : )
Yes, I think they just need a little time.
The message seems a bit clearer. Thanks for your comment and advice, and beautiful art.