Revolving center...A reflection...

of silence
and self
as I revolve
my center.

Today, I am aware of my revolving experiences. Today, I am aware that I must actively engage in all of taking this time every morning allows me to have a moment just for allows me to be centered...By opening up to my inner voice I am reminded of my secret desires. I can feel and be part of my life as I do this from within the center. I can hear answers to me directions...connecting ME to ME.
Today, as I reflect on my week I am aware to be conscious of my loving make sure that I give them freely to those who have touched my life. I am aware that I am in the middle of experiencing a new growth by listening to these messages with an open heart and a need to know. I am aware that sometimes responding to memories I must remember that they are in the past and I must remember to begin ANEW and make new memories to hold me in today. I am aware of the energy that is being replenished and shines for me by sharing.
Today, I am aware that my life is ever I listen to my messages...Listen as I revolve from the center of myself.
Artfully Yours,

PS: How can you allow yourself to revolve around your center? As you reflect upon your week what messages make you more open to your life?

1 comment:

Hopespiral said...

Your words are so me...

Revolving around my center daily...
Some questions are better left unanswered... (for me)
I am evolving, and i am listening...
with a flowing heart-
feeling the energy of memory-
giving me strength-Hope for Today!
a new perception (reminding me...)
Having an open mind--feeling change.
let it be...