intuition....a reflection

the fear
to my

Today, I am aware of my own intuition....of listening closely to the words and feelings of my heart. Over the past several days I have sought out the advice from others to guide me through some challenging situations for me....some advice has been comforting...some upsetting...some giving me a different prospective...all have been a guidance to bring me here today. Today, when I rely on my own intuition...knowing the answers that I seek are within me...
As I overcome my fears...I am determined to trust my own unique beliefs and values that are import to I step outside the fear that has been gripping me, my instincts tell me not to be confused...not to be hostile or angry over situations that I am in that cannot be changed...but rather to proceed slowly...carefully...lovingly forward with myself...that the intuition within allows me to know what is the best for me...
As I reflect on this week I am aware of all the twists and turns...the fear that I have been facing and today, I am aware that I will not let it win!
Artfully Yours,

PS: What can you do today to allow yourself to listen to your intuition for any situation or challenge you might be having?

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