filling spaces...

looking closely to the spaces...that I fill see guidance...believing in the hold on to the NOW.

Today, I am aware of filling spaces....filling spaces with important things...and with things that do not suit me well.
Today, I am aware of filling spaces...I search for my voice to find a sense of purpose...understanding...compassion with my self.
Today, I am aware of filling spaces...drawing myself inward for answers to questions about who I am....what I truly want and need.
Today, I am aware of filling asking questions of looking closely at the spaces to sort them...I search for guidance.
Today, I am aware of filling spaces...listening carefully so I can let go of some of the clutter...hold on to the importance...believe in the message and find a simple way of holding on to the NOW.
Artfully Yours,

PS: Can you ask the hard questions...WHO AM I?...WHAT DO I REALLY WANT? order to hold on to the NOW of the day?

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cheryl said...

Ah Pattie.. the dance of filling spaces and emptying them; creating the "just right" mix for ourselves... that is indeed, Sacred Work. Thank you for being a beacon for so much..