Flying...A reflection


Today, I am aware of flying....of the creative flight that I have been deep within this week...keeping my eye on the finish line...the creative cycle I am in. As I venture deeper into this thought I am aware of the cycles of my life ...honoring where I am at this moment...engaging with my creative life...flying...forward toward the next phase...embracing it with happiness.
As I reflect on the week I am very aware of the cycle of creativity I am in...aware that challenges are inevitable...but are a part of life...and only temporary. I am aware of the pattern that weaves and flows through and around me that gives me strength...gratitude...and love...and how this week although I have been moving quickly I am reminded to treasure this cycle...
Artfully Yours,

PS: As you reflect on your week today, can you see and feel a cycle that you can honor in your life?

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Karma Veranda said...

I love you words. You have a very inspiring way with words.
thank you