on the
of life

Today I am aware of direction....the direction my life takes at different times....Sometimes it is totally clear and I am off running...flying in the direction that it takes...happy, carefree and joyous....other times it turns and I am growing...aware of the growth and budding with the excitement it brings along with the newness....then there are times of trouble...turmoil...and
confusion that I have to weave through....Today, as I focus on the many different directions I am aware that there is nothing that I cannot get through with a positive attitude...with gratitude...there is nothing that I can not welcome if I open my heart...there is no direction that is so negative that I will allow myself to be stopped in my tracks and not continue on....listening carefully to the messages of my heart I allow the flow of directions to show me who I am and where I am going.
Artfully Yours,

PS: Can you honor all the directions in your life?

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cheryl said...

You are "Blessing" personified... Thank you for this mandala...and speaking on honoring the Directions that our life takes. Yes, I can honor them all.